Sunday, October 19, 2014

Goodnight Moon {BFI♥AR}

I have quite a bit of catching up to do... Life really got BUSY since we began school on August 18th. So these next few posts will be mainly pictorial. I just cant seem to find the time to write much these days.

School time with Gefen {3 yrs} & Sydney {4 yrs}
We began our first BFIAR "row" of the year with one of our favorite children's classic story. 

   Sydney {4yrs} and Gefen {3yrs}. 

It's hard to believe that Goodnight Moon was the very first story we ever "rowed" using the Five In A Row curriculum back in 2011. Sydney was only 19 months old when Shai and Ezra were "rowing" this story. Hard to believe how time has flown! 

I am trying to make our experiences through these classic stories more simple and special this year. Not to overload myself with details and crafts. Just fun memories together.  I have five kiddos I'm teaching {yes even Ruth-intentional play!} and it keeps me so incredibly busy each day. My hands are FULL of GOOD things and I need to keep perspective; it's not about the cute crafts and fun sensory things {even though I love this!}, it's about the memories they will have while doing these things… I love my 'job' and wouldn't want to change it for the world.

We began our story with a "bowl full of mush" breakfast with a "red balloon" and a bunny for each kiddo. We also read My World, the classic companion to Goodnight Moon. 

The girls had fun searching for the little mouse on each page, as he was in a different spot with each scene. 

Lapbooking Activities from: Homeschool Creations to go along with the story. This was a lot of fun for them to have visuals to go along with our story, especially since they are enjoying school more and more.

Sydney is quite serious about her work.

Throughout the week the girls worked on lessons from the BFIAR manual.

Science: Zoology- Animal Classification Cards from Homeschool Creations 
Gefen is sorting socks and mittens.

 The verse of the week for this book was Psalm 127:2. I explained that God gives those He loves rest. He wants us to rest. The girls weren't completely thrilled about this idea ;0)

Clapping syllables and then pasting the pictures in the correct columns, this is always fun!

There are endless ideas for fun activities to incorporate with this sweet story. Three years ago the kids painted a "green room" from a box and pasted pictures in them from our story. They also had fun hanging mittens and socks!
Ezra- 2011

Sydney 2011

A couple of years ago kids really enjoyed our Oreo cookie moon phase activity when we rowed Owl moon. I was hoping to get to the store to pick some cookies up for this story, but was never able to. Next time!

from our week :: Owl moon 2013

Here are more fun ideas with Goodnight Moon with my dear friends {both Michelle G's}, Michelle at Delightful learning and my friend Michelle G.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

First Day

Our first day of school was on August 18th. We had a fun and memorable first day! We had a yummy pancake breakfast and then we went on a treasure hunt, with clues I had created, then hid them outside to lead to the treasure! 

The first batch of pancakes turned out yummy, but so thin! Shai and Ezra had their new "grades" for their first pancake, Sudney and Gefen had their ages.

After breakfast cleanup we headed outside to go on our hunt!
The kids had such a fun time trying to figure out the clues as Shai read them out loud!

Ezra and Shai were always so fast, leaving the other little two girls in the dust. So they each had to go with a buddy, that way they could all be together.

More clues....

At last! The treasure {school supplies}  was waiting on the couch in individual baskets with each of their names on them. They were beyond thrilled!