Monday, July 7, 2014


Our Ezra Fields Rosen turned 6 years old today. WOW, so hard to believe he is this old already! Ezra is such a joy to raise. He is truly a little man of BIG faith. He is gentle, kind, strong, fun. He loves his sisters and if there should be an argument between them, once his behavior is corrected, you can be sure he will cry real tears of repentance... every single time. It is amazing. We are so thankful for our son. Our warrior, our "helper", our Ezra.

Born At Home 7/7/2008
Ezra - 9.5 Lbs

Wow, I haven't seen my husband without a beard in five years!! He is so handsome, with or without!


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Terrific 2's :: Happy Birthday Racheli!!

We had a wonderful time a couple weeks ago, celebrating our dear friends Richard and Katharine's daughter's 2nd birthday. A very sweet time celebrating Racheli with with moms and tots!

Sydney {left} and Racheli {Right}

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Gefen turned three on June 25th. It's hard to believe how fast these years have gone. She was born, here at home two weeks after we moved to our home just outside Jerusalem. We had NO furniture, no fridge, no oven NOTHING! Our other three children sleeping on camping mats on the floor. Someone gave us a bed the day we moved! She was born into an empty home, FULL of love. That's all a home needs. A home of peace and joy. A good reminder for me on very hard days, now that we do have everything we need. 

Shai and I spent the morning, baking, cooking and cleaning. We had a special birthday breakfast with Gefen. We took turns asking her questions about herself. What is her favorite color... etc...
I re-told her birth story and then we sang "happy birthday" for the umpteen time that morning:)  

Gefen's simple birthday party was a butterfly theme. Shai really enjoyed helping decorate the cake. Shai made paper butterflies and we hung them from our nine foot ceiling. This was so fun for the kids! Special memories made. 

This is also a bitter-sweet evening, since this was the night Gefen and I began five days with major food poisoning. We both got sick from eating raw cake batter. Yes, cookie and cake batter is my weakness. Yet, we learned a HARD lesson and will never eat or taste raw batter again. 

"how old are you...?"

Birthday breakfast... homemade biscuits, poached eggs, fruit.

Ezra and I had fun hanging Shai's beautiful butterflies!

We were both proud how the cake turned out! 

All the kids had a present to give to Gefen. Ezra's gift was a little wooden necklace. So, here he's putting the necklace on Gefen, he was proud of his gift.

Sydney's Gift was stickers.

I joined in the dress up fun {red scarf}

Gefen was very sweet passing out all her butterfly stickers.