Monday, November 17, 2014

A Day In The Desert

We were thrilled when my cousin Brad and his wife Margie invited our family {minus Sydney and Gefen who were home with a babysitter} along to spend the day touring with them and their tour group from Columbus, Ohio of all places {josh is from Cleveland, OH!}! It was  such a fun day as a family and meeting new friends. We are so thankful to Brad and Margie and look forward to seeing them back in Israel {they bring tour groups here twice a year} or in the States!

Shai is looking at a picture of Masada, just before we  took the cable car up 1000 ft to the top!! 

The kids were WELL loved!

Ezra was a little nervous about the cable car {as was I!!}, but he did an amazing job!

The only one who hiked up the Snake Trail was the pastor! He made it in record time too!

Brad and Ruth

Ancient Roman steam bath

Shai was such a trooper to stop and listen to our tour guide! This was a wonderful homeschool field trip!

An ancient Roman camp.

Our tour guide Jacob always had the kids joining in. Ezra is demonstrating how the water system once worked on Masada, by pouring water {the rain}. There are HUGE cisterns on Masada that were once refilled by rainwater.

All throughout Masada you'll see this black line {behind us}. Anything below the line is originally what they discovered. Anything above the line is what was reconstructed after the 1960s.

There was also a lively Bar Miztvah on Masada. It was fun to join in a bit in song...

 Going back down and had about an hour lunch. It was so much fun to visit with Brad and Margie the group.

Next we stopped off at the Jordan River, which in Biblical times would have been five times the size it is today, and probably a LOT cleaner ;0)

Pastor John giving a short message, before he baptized some people in their group.

Next, we stopped at Qumran, the place where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.

Our tour guide and many people on the group commented how helpful and attentive the kids were! We are proud of them!

Ruth was a very good baby too, just VERY tired by the end of the day! Our little Indiana Jones explorers needed their beds.

Two IAF Cobra fighter jets flew just above {under Jordanian radar} the Dead Sea, just behind us. The sound is always so powerful! That was a fun end to our trip.