Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tot-School With Sydney & Gefen {T is For Train}

Again, another catch up post! This was school time with the girls, back in February. This was a fun sensory week with soap and also cloud dough! Of course we used the printouts from tot-school.

Color matching pompoms with trains

Play dough fun- making a train!

Gefen said "Mama take a 'piccur' of my 'cool wurk' "  so cute...

Playing a matching game {memory} 

T is for turtle craft

Tot-school science experiment- baking soda, soap and lemon juice!

Cloud dough pretend play! Italian ice cream sodas - Inspiration from Delightful Learning {of course!;)} The girls LOVED this!

T is for Thomas the train 

You can see more from our "home" Tot-schooling

Letter Aa  Letter Bb  Letter Cc   Letter Dd   Letter Ee  Letter Ff   Letter Gg  Letter Hh  Letter Ii  Letter Jj  Letter Kk  Letter Ll   Letter Mm  Letter Nn  Letter Oo{I didn't take photos from this week:(}
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