Sunday, September 21, 2014

Yonaton & Ruth

Even though some of these photos are blurry, they are just too cute not to use. My friend Au-daline and I were pregnant at the same time with due dates only a week a part! Her little baby Yonaton arrive a little more then a week before Ruth was born. Ruth and Yonaton had a fun time together. It was very sweet to watch them interact at six months old {catch up post!}. 

Noa & Yonaton

Birthday Boys

Before Ezra turned six, we decided to have a double party with Ezra and his buddy Micah {our close friends Gabriel and Briana's son}, who was also turning six on July 15th. Two nights before the party, Gefen and I got extremely bad food poisoning. We had been up for two nights, so sick! Thankfully we felt better for the party, so we didn't cancel. Yet, that night, again, we were sick! It took us almost an entire week to get better. That was the most sick I have ever been. Lots of prayer went out on our behalf, and we are so thankful. The day we finally felt "normal" again, the war with Hamas began and also sirens. I must say June and July are months that were the most intense; physically and spiritually. They are months we will never forget. 

Now, on to the party! 

We had a wonderful time spent with dear friends and also meeting new friends!

Sydney felt so special holding baby {2 weeks old} Raphael Rosenfeld. He is such a sweet baby. He is Adam and Bethany's eighth child, they are simply amazing! 

Water fights! 

 LOTS of kiddos!

Happy 6th Birthday Boys!

Briana made an amazing delicious birthday cake for the boys.... sooo good!