Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Our Curriculum Choices {2015/2016}

Here is a simple look at what the kids {and mama} will be up to next year.

                 Shai {8 Years old} "3rd grade"

Reading: A Beka Book reading program 5th & 6th grade readers set.

Spelling: All About Spelling 2 and 3

Language: A Beka Language 3 and Language Lessons For the Elementary Age    
                  book 1 {3-5th grade level} {Copywork}          


Handwriting/ Copywork: A Reason For Handwriting cursive book E {5th grade} / writing a different pen pal once a week

Lessons In Responsibility For Girls Book 2 {we will read the lesson once a week, on Sundays and practice that lesson throughout the week}

Five In A Row: {selective books from VOL. 1, 2, and  3} {this will cover some history/art/science/geography/math- but is not our main curriculum, only for fun}

                 Ezra {7years old} "2nd grade"

Reading: All About Reading 2

Spelling: All About Spelling 1 & 2

Language: Language Lessons For Little Ones book 3

Writing: A Reason For Handwriting cursive book D {4th grade}/ writing a different pen pal once a week

Five In A Row: {selective books from VOL. 1, 2, and 3} {this will cover some history/art/science/geography/math- but is not our main curriculum, only for fun}

Lessons In Responsibility For Boys Book 1 {Josh will continue to read the lesson once a week with Ezra, on Sundays and practice that lesson throughout the week}

                  Sydney {5 years old} "Kindergarten"

Writing: A Beka Book K5 Writing With Phonics {manuscript}

Five In A Row: {selective books from VOL. 1, 2, and 3}{this will cover some history/art/science/geography/math- but is not our main curriculum, only for fun}

Lessons In Responsibility For Girls Book 1: {we will read the lesson once a week, on Sundays during my one on one time with her and then she will practice that lesson throughout the week {10 minutes a day}

                       Gefen {4 years old} "Pre-K"

Reading/Phonics: All About Reading Pre-1

Writing practice: Printouts from Confessions Of A Homeschooler K4 curriculum I bought a couple years ago.

Math practice: We will mostly use a Montessori approach to math at this age.

Before Five In A Row {selective books}: This will be our fourth year and Gefen and Ruth will go through the BFIAR books together.

                                 Ruth Tovah 

            {19 months / 2 years old in December}

different Montessori "Baskets" {mama made}

lots of  books/ puzzles

Before Five in A Row with Gefen {very simple}

                      Learning Time Together 

{Sunday- Wednesday- Friday} Science: Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy / Exploring Creation Journal {Shai} and  the Jr. Journal {Ezra}. We will also  be lap-booking all 14 lessons and we will make our own glow in the dark solar system! I'm excited, we love talking about the solar system and I have only read good things about this curriculum.

{Tuesday/Thursday}- History: A Beka Book 3 and A Beka Book 3 map skills {Shai & Ezra} / Plus living books

Daily - Bible/Calendar Time/Morning Time:  Bible memory and stories / singing {fun songs & learning more Hymns and learning about those who wrote them!} / prayer time using our world map {praying in specific places for specific people} / Gefen and Sydney will do our calendar / what's the weather routine with mama, while Shai and Ezra work on a "Daily Calendar Notebook", This is also when we will read and do science or history and also simple Hebrew together

Hebrew: Daily lessons with papa {Josh has been working with them, and it's been great!}, a weekly tutor {1 hour), their writing workbooks / Rosetta Stone Hebrew / Playing with friends/ play dates. Also, their music lessons will be taught in Hebrew {every Sunday}!

{Monday/Wednesday} Art: tutorials online /  Draw Write Now {Books 1-4}/ learning how to draw animals / Lessons In perspective drawing book/ also I planned projects we will do with FIAR & BFIAR/ Shai, Ezra and Sydney have a sketch book they will work on as well

{morning/Daily} Bible: Shai {personal Bible time}, Sydney and Ezra have devotionals that they will use daily, each morning. Gefen and I will go through a preschool devotional during my school time {one on one} with her.

{twice a month} Nature Study: Birds / "iSpy" seasons / nature walks/playing outside {daily}

                           How I organize

I know that She is only 8 yrs old, but she is already writing down and working hard on her summer schedule now, and so I thought that this would be great tool for her next year!

Managers Of Their Chores {kids each have chorepacks}

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Wow, That Was A Long Break!

On Our LONG {but good} Flight Back Home To Israel
{a quick update}

We are back! I'm sorry for such a LONG break! We spent three fun months in the States, from February-May. A HUGE blessing and we are so thankful to see many family members and friends- after four and a half years being away! We returned to Israel a little more then two months ago and it has been quite the adjustment. We're now enjoying the summer as a family around our house. I'm trying to keep the kids busy, keep up with their hearts and get our family organized/on a simple schedule. I'm also planning and preparing for the coming school year, which has been fun! Since many people have recently asked me what we are doing and for curriculum, I'll post about what curriculum choices we've chosen soon.  I'll also post photos from our USA trip when I find the time {hopefully soon too!}.

Oh yes... I am also 18 weeks pregnant with our precious 6th baby! Due, mid December 2015! We are thrilled for another blessing from YHVH!!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

We're Going On A Bear Hunt {BFI♥AR}

First off- Happy 2015 everyone! 

I am going to be trying to catch up once again. We are planning our first trip to the USA in almost four and a half years! We are SO thankful for this opportunity and SO excited! We are very busy around here with school and family life and so I just haven't had the desire to blog, and have kept it on the back burner for months now. I'm sorry! Even now as I write {5:45am} I am being interrupted by placing little ones back in bed! I have decided NOT to be on the computer during the days in front of the kids. This was a conviction of mine awhile ago and I am now taking it seriously. I also place my phone away during the day and check it periodically when the kids can't see me on the phone. 

I'll share more about why I have this conviction in a different post. But for now,,,,

A Before Five In A Row "row" we did during Sukkot last Fall! 

This year I am focusing our BFIAR books towards Sydney and Gefen. I am using FIAR vol. 1 & 2 with Shai and Ezra. Hoping to finish by this summer and to continue with vol. 3 & 4 by next fall. I haven't kept a photograph of all of our "rows", but I will catch up with the ones I did document. 

Title: We're Going On A Bear Hunt
Author: Michael Rosen
Illistrated: Helen Oxenbury
Copyright: 1989

This was a fun row for our family waaaay back in 2012. The second  part of our study was when our good friend Chad Witt was visiting our family from Oregon! Such fun memories! 

It's hard to believe it's been this long since we've read this story! The years are flying by! Homeschooling our kids has really allowed us TIME to spend with each one and create amazing memories together. I am very thankful for this time. Some days of course are challenging... ok... SO challenging! Not the academic part as much as trying to instill good character in our kids! Teaching them virtues.  This has always been our conviction; to train their hearts and not allow them to argue and fight with each other. They know they must treat each other as best friends, yet it is hard work . God has given us much grace. I am always being reminded that this is the season of training them, molding and shaping their little hearts to love and serve God and others. This takes time. We have seen much fruit in our children's hearts recently and we are thankful for this. This has been the encouragement to keep on going!

Okay, now on to our study with Going On A Bear Hunt!

During this week the girls enjoyed reading our story together and doing some fun activities to go along with our story. 

Our verse:
" When I am afraid, I will trust in You" Psalm 56:3

Bible lesson:
 We talked about all the different "journey's" families have gone on over the course of history here in Israel where we live.  We also discussed how the children of Israel wandered for forty years in the desert, yet even the sandals on their feet did not wear out. God provided all they needed on their journey. A cloud by day to protect them from the scorching sun, and fire at night.  Mana {meaning "what's this?"} refreshing water and even meat.... and so much more! 

We talked about the ways God has provided for us. The girls quickly talked about the ways He protected us from  " all da scarwy missiles" {Gefen 3 years old} from the war last summer and from "all the demons" {Sydney 4 years old} ... ;)

We talked about our own journey as a family and all the ways God has been proving for us. We talked about the ways God has blessed us and all the friends He has brought into our lives!

The girls worked on a lapbook from Homeschool Share.

The girls are sequencing the story and matching with pictures.

Numbers fun from Homeschool Creations! Shai had fun leading the girls in this game!

We had so much fun re-enacting the story back in 2012 so we did something similar...we went on a "bear hunt" using bear "paw prints" to lead our way.
The kids had a blast as they worked together to discover bear paws in "long wavy grass",  through a "cold river", "oozy mud", a "dark forest" and "a cave" {which happened to be our family sukkah}!

First paw: long wavy grass!

Paw #2 A deep cold river {puddle;)}

We worked on character - teamwork! They had to hold hands and do things together, this helped to nit leave the little girls out, since it was mostly for them.

Paw #3- Thick Oozy mud!

Paw #4 - a deep dark "forest"

Paw #5 - a swirling whirling snowstorm... they twirled and whirled around as if in a real snowstorm.

Onward together! Just like in our story.

Paw #6 our cave {sukkah}!

Our little family of bears await for the pick up!

We also watched this video by the author Michael Rosen