Saturday, September 10, 2011

BFIAR - "Goodnight Moon" part 1

We decided to begin the literature based curriculum, Before Five In A Row, even though our books have not arrived yet. Goodnight Moon is one of the books in the set and since we already own it, I decided to begin with the kids and just 'row' this book over the course of two weeks. 

We have had a lot of fun this week... the best part has been noticing all the little details in the book that we never noticed before- for example, the little mouse! We have read this book to our kids for the past few years. They actually have it memorized:) I thought they wouldn't enjoy reading through it, yet they have loved every moment of it! 

Here are some photo's from our first week 'rowing' "Goodnight Moon"...

Shai enjoyed counting the 'red balloon' watermelons as I placed them on her plate

Moon shapes.... idea from delightful learning! Thank you Michelle for all your help 'rowing' this book:)
painting moon shapes

glueing moon shapes
saying, "moooooon"

I cut out little linen mittens for the kids to clip and count on a little line they LOVED this! Also an idea from Delightful Learning:)...

"A bowl of mush".... our version, mushy oatmeal:)

Sydney kept on saying "mushhhhh, mushhh" as she ate it :)

Shai, playing with the "three little bears..." and re-telling the story

Science: Zoology- Animal Classification Cards from Homeschool Creations ..... Shai trying to remember facts about each animal. Each animal on the cards are from the book.

One day the kids and I painted a 'great green room' box.... and on another day they had fun playing with it! They re-told the story again and again as they pasted different objects from the story around their 'green room'...

Mixing colors......


Michelle said...

Oh, so fun! LOVE your mush, he he, and those SMILES! You can tell that your little ones are eating it up {literally} but they are having so much fun with this row. LOVE it!!! Your green room is awesome, too - very creative! Same with the watermelon balloons. Love the linen mittens and those bare feet, too. Great shots. Great learning fun. =)

Twilson9608 said...

Why are you calling it a "row"? And all of these ideas are wonderful. I especially like the clothes line with the mittens, the painted box room and the "mush"!