Monday, January 9, 2012

We're Going On A Bear Hunt (BFIAR)

Title: We're Going On A Bear Hunt
Author: Michael Rosen
Illistrated:Helen Oxenbury
Copyright: 1989

I must say, we really love Before Five In A Row curriculum. The manual is wonderful and is filled with inspirational ideas. We had the best week rowing this story.  

"We're Going On A Bear Hunt" is a fun story of a father and his children on a bear hunt adventure, yet they find more then they bargained for when they come face to face with a real bear!  Our kids totally got the humor in the story. They laughed heartily every time we read the part when the bear chases the family back to their home.

Shai thought it was amazing that we share the same last name as the author, despite the fact that we're not related.

Since this is a story about a family's journey through tall grass, a river, oozy mud, a snow storm, a dark forest and a cave, we discussed all the different journey's families have gone through here in Israel over the course of history. How we as a family can easily hop in our van to go to Jerusalem (10 min drive), yet families who lived here 2000 years ago would have gone through quite an amazing trek. We also discussed how the children of Israel wandered for forty years in the desert, yet even the sandals on their feet did not wear out. God provided all they needed on their journey. A cloud by day to protect them from the fierce sun, and fire at night.  Mana and water.... and so much more. He provided a way for them to worship Him! 

We talked about the journey we have been on as a family. We reminisced about our drive across the USA and back when Ezra and Shai were very young and I was 9 months pregnant! We talked about our trips to Israel and becoming citizens of a new land. 

We talked about our personal journey in life. All of our experiences can be different from the last, like going through a "deep cold river" then through a "swirling whirling snow storm"... different experiences yet it's all a part of the same journey.

" When I am afraid, I will trust in You" Psalm 56:3


It's almost impossible for Josh and I to read this story without really getting in to character. The kids also read along with us with just as much enthusiasm.

Just like in the story, Josh went on a bear hunt with the kids (as I followed and took some photos). It was so fun! We all recited the story and explored outside our building together as a family. Then, to find a 'real bear' (teddy bears) hidden in the orchard with a note written on it, "hot chocolate for everyone".

It was Shai's idea to run back through the story on our way to the house. As they reenacted the entire story ending up under the covers, just like in the story, saying "we're not going on a bear hunt again".

Art: Illustrations

Each time we read the story it would take us a good amount of time. We would take this extra time to discuss the details in the illustrations. Shai said the bear looks like he's closing the gate, and slowly walking to the house. Then the flock of birds on another page was not noticed until half way through the week. Also, the bear walking sadly back to his cave at the end of the story.  The kids really felt strongly that the bear really only wanted to play with the family and not hurt them. Many different times as we read, they would notice some new detail. This was fun and soon they were in competition with one another to see who could find new details first.

Relationships: Family
We talked about all the different families we know. Then the kids drew pictures of all the people that are in our family; aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and our  family. It was very cute to see how they pictured what each family looks like. We looked at pictures and said everyone's name. Oh how we miss all of our family in the USA!

We are a very musical family, we sing daily in our home. So it was fun to sing this story together and act out hand motions.


There are fun printouts that go along nicely. I am placing all our BFIAR artwork/crafts/lapbook work in a BFIAR journal.

Our Week in Photo's....

Lapbook work

Shai drawing a picture of her entire family, when her work was complete she had about 35 more stick people!

cutting practice

coloring a bear pattern
sequencing cards


Matching the bears to their homes

Chad was here the week we rowed through! Uncle Chad reading to Sydney.

One day Shai brought out the magnifying glass to see if she could 'hunt for details in the sequencing photos

Shai really wanted to color a picture of the book cover, so I traced one and she colored it.

she had the giggles, so cute.

"gotta go through it"

leading the bear to his cave

writing her name before I asked her questions about the story

more sequencing,...gluing in the right order

I love this. Shai placed her hand there as if to 'model' her artwork.

Ezra's turn

I love how Ezra  not rush through craft time

one morning during breakfast Shai read "The Little Mouse, The Big Red Strawberry and The Big Hungry Bear" , because of the bear.

scary bear face

And then one evening.... the real bear hunt began......

this reminds me of the front cover

skipping along as we sang "we're going on a bear hunt"

"Splish splosh"

"nope, no bear in there..."

"Squelch Squerch"

the "deep dark forest"

"the bears!" Ezra screams!

running and screaming "bears!"

bear attack!

"quick.... back through the forest!"

"back down stairs"



coveredwithfeathers said...

Wow. This looks like a lot of fun!!

Autumn Terrill said...

That was so cute. I loved it. Brought back so many memories of when Tyler and Zakary were small. I loved the 'bear attack'. What a precious time for you and Josh to get to enjoy your little ones.

Twilson9608 said...

This was super cute!! Awhh! I love it!