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Katy No Pocket {BFIAR}

Rowed May 7th - May 11th 
Author: Emmy Payne
Illustrator: H.A. Rey
Copyright: 1944

A story about a "pocketless" mother kangaroo's journey to find a pocket of her own.

The story is filled with tears (Katy kangaroos ) as she searches for a way to carry her baby. She then finally found a pocket of her own.

Bible verse: 
Deuteronomy 15:8
"but you shall freely open your hand to him, and shall generously lend him sufficient for his need in whatever he lacks"

In the story Katy kangaroo receives an apron from a man, who selflessly gave Katy his apron. Then Katy perpetuates the kindness by giving rides to all the baby animals.

Science: Animals
This week was filled with animals! We played the animal classification game. We used Earth Expedition: Discovering God's Animals, found HERE. We searched for lizards in the rocks outside our home and found a few! We also went to a horse stables with some homeschool friends this week! 

We went on nature walks and "listened" to the birds and insects.

Katy No Pocket was a fun read. By day three I became a little bored reading the story again. Our kids loved the story,  it never became to old for them to hear.

The first three photo's are ones I took with my phone back in November 2011 when we first rowed through this book. I decided to row it again since we have a printer now to print all the fun lessons and activities that go well with this story.

Shai carrying all the "baby animals" and other finger puppets 

Photos from this past week

Tot school time with Sydney and Gefen

I love this photo. Sydney is potty trained during the day now and most days refuses to wear pants since it's such a "pain" for her to take off to use the potty. 

Ezra working on "animal families" from Homeschool Share. We reviewed the names of the animals each day along with other animals found in Australia.

The kids had fun pretending to be kangaroos with these masks I cut out for them.

Each day the kids took turns finding Australia on the map.

We also worked on the Katy No Pocket lapbook. There were lots of fun printouts to go along with this story. You can find them at Homeschool Share

 We met some friends at a local moshav/playground. We all had a fun time and hope to get together again soon! They are also a homeschool family. This is rare in Israel to find other homeschoolers! We had fun!

Our friends- the Pollack Family!

Matching Carpentry Tools

On Thursday we made Pavlova, Australia's national food. As I was reading the history behind Pavlova, I learned that it is a national dish to both Australia and New Zealand.

Thursday was also my 31st birthday. It was fun to make my birthday cake together with the kids.

The recipe I used for Pavlova is SO SO SO easy! Also so yummy!!

It calls for 1 cup of "caster sugar", which I didn't have any on hand.  I made my own within minutes with our food processor. SO easy.

 raw organic sugar Before ....

sugar after....it's ready!

My little helpers beating the egg whites...

Egg white peaks ready...

I found this sweet little print after I left my "baking area" before clean up
I call this one- "Hand Print In Space"

Little Sydney Esther's print- 2 years old 


We also did
I'm a Little Joey - sung to "I'm a Little Teapot"
I'm a little joey,
Oh so small;
Deep in Mother's pouch
So I won't fall.
When I start to grow up
Big and tall,
Out I'll hop like
A bouncing ball.

Shai first matched the baby animals, then added the animal names all on her own!

Ezra matching mama and baby animals

Lots of inspiration and ideas from:

 Michelle at Delightful Learning
Homeschool Share
Kangaroo- Answers In Genesis 
Expedition Earth: Discovering God's Animals

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Autumn Terrill said...

I loved the hand print photo in sugar. That was really awesome!

Autumn Terrill said...

I loved the hand print in sugar photo. You should enter that into a photo contest. AWesome!

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That handprint pictures so sweet. What a great find.