Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tot School With Sydney & Gefen {D is for duck}

Letter o the Week:: Dd
Object:: Duck
Color:: Yellow
Vocabulary:: Birds & All About Ducks

We read the book "See How They Grow"

The girls worked on printouts from Tot School ABC's and Totally Tots.
This week I also assessed the girls and it was fun to see where they are {mainly Sydney} and what areas we need to give more focus to. They are fun to teach. Especially when I'm prepared. When I'm not, lets just say those are the very hard days:)

Tot trays....

Sydney is our second teacher. She is so cute, yet she gets so frustrated with Gefen when Gefen scribbles.

I helped Gefen with the first two rows, then I gave the marker to her to trace the next row. She still loves to scribble and so I let her of course, but Sydney could NOT stand it!

You can see by the look on Sydney's face {right} she just cannot stand the scribbling! :) I just encourage her to say "oh so pretty Gefen". This was so funny to watch. Gefen had no clue.

"D" is for daisy craft.

Three part duck puzzle

Lacing Card.... much better if printed on card stock.

More tot tray time...

The girls take turns getting a tray. Then they have to carry the tray to the table or to a blanket on the floor. Then they unload the things, work/play and then clean up at the end and bring the tray back to the shelf. I LOVE that they both take pride in this little task. They are very good at keeping the trays in order.

Clean up- without me asking!

Next tray- puzzles

Shadow matching

Working on the three part puzzle with magnets

Sydney's turn lacing

Mamas favorite moment.... these are the times when all the stressful moments in a day seem to disappear and I take a deep breath, smile and am reminded that these little ones are growing so fast. Not to worry about the little details in the day that don't go my way, or when things becoming crazy with the little ones. To be thankful that we have five little lives to invest in during these precious years.

"D" is or dinosaur craft.

Pond theme with stickers craft.

Using yellow pom poms {color of the week} she would place a pom pom on the shape I would call out.


Calling out numbers

Cutting practice

discovering different birds

Big sis makes "yellow" play dough

Float or sink activity. Our kids love this one.

Play time with chalk

 D is or dinosaur play time.

Gefen had about enough

Sydney's Assessment "-"means she couldn't think o the answer. "SC" means self corrected... ":)" means she got it the first time.

She may have been being silly, but she only recognized A-D. These are the letters we have worked on.

 I love her little duck craft

ABC dot papers from Homeschool Creations.

We had tons more coloring pages and duck things to display, just no more room.

Locating letter D

More tot school inspiration

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Sarah Pechan said...

So beautiful! Your creativity, hard work, and love shine through, Julia!

Anonymous said...

your post inspired me so much. I have a 3 boys.. 4, 2 and 2 months. It is VERY frustrating trying to do any sort of learning time with them. They are all over the place. I am like you in the sense that we practice blanket time and we have our dining room table close to where the tot trays go. HOwever, my question is the following.. I see your 2 girls are in booster seats..do you MAKE them sit there for a period of time so that they are leraning self control and to finish the task or do they just go up and down up and down to get more trays. My 4 yr old seems to get a tray or activity and only come to the table for 2 minutes and say IM DONE and then want to wander off. I am unsure as to what to do.. I dont want to make "learning time" unfun but I also want to teach him to sit and finish a task..

Anonymous said...

Your post inspired me.. I have a 4, 2 and 2 month old boys. I feel so overwhelmed trying to get him to do our scheduled "learning time". I see tht you do blanket time as well. Our dining room table is close to where our tot trays are too, however, I have a hard time getting to sit still long enough to do any project/activity. I see your girls are in booster seats.. do they go get a tray and go and get themselves in the booster seat? Do thye have to reamin in the booster seat for a period of time or are they free to get up and down? I ask this because my son will sit for literally 2 min and say IM DONE and get off the chair. And I want to buckle him in a booster seat but I am not sure if its good idea. I want to make learning fun but yet I want him to learn self control and sit for a period of time to finish an activity. And by the way I love your tot trays - where did you get them?

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful set of pictures! it is so great to see other mothers out there who are enjoying their children, and i also appreciate you mentioning that it can be hard on those days you weren't prepared (good reminder i'm not the only one that finds myself in that position sometimes!). i wanted to just shoot a couple of thoughts out there that i had about the comment from the "anonymous" mom of 3 boys. i have a 6 year old girl, 4 y. old boy, and a 1 yr. old boy, and i feel like i completely understand about the sitting for 2 minutes and saying i'm done. i know that all children are different, but i have to say that our family was created with a girl that sits, plays well (most of the time...even when she was small), is willing to clean up (90% of the time with no fuss...since she was little, again), etc like it was shown in these photos with Sydney and Gefen. i am NOT saying these girls and my daughter don't or didn't have their moments of fussing and throwing fits or just flat out not liking an activity the way i had hoped, BUT...i have found that my 4 year old is VERY different from my daughter. he is energetic, loves to learn, and so fun, but i remember thinking when he was younger, "why can we NEVER even finish a small board book without him getting up?!" i occasionally also felt like he wasn't learning as fast as my daughter had because he would never sit still! i know your oldest is the same age, but it sounds like it could be that you haven't gotten to see first hand how different little girls can sometimes be from little boys (not trying to assume anything, though!) and once again, not all girls and boys have those sometimes stereotypical differences, so i don't want to make it sound like i dont think some boys are eager to sit and do table activities for long amounts of time or that some little girls are just energetic as they come! i just want to encourage you that your home might look really different and a bit less structured during these younger years considering you were blessed with so much testosterone! AND, keep up the good work on providing those structured activities, because in my experience, i have seen that sometimes it feels on some days that my hard work is doing nothing, but nearly every time i look back and compare where my kids are in the present moment vs. where they were 4-6m back, i am reminded that they are always learning! blessings to you as you teach your children!