Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tot School With Sydney & Gefen {L is for leaf}

Letter Of The Week: Ll
Object: Leaf
Theme: Nature
Color: Orange {yes, again:)}

Sydney is 3 years 9 months
Gefen is 2 years 4 months

The girls did a lot of creative playing during this week. We were also sick most of the week, and Josh had just returned home from his USA trip. So we did what we could, and did not overwhelm ourselves. 

Gefen's favorite toy right now is a 'two legged' deer, she calls "papa deer". She goes everywhere with this deer. She sleeps with it and wants it next to her at all times. 

All the kids worked on their nature journals. Sydney also worked on sequencing leaves and rocks.

Searching for 'large' 'medium' and 'small'  leaves

Sydney loves working in this pattern book Josh brought back as a gift for her.

Leaf coloring page

Dot painting the L's

Gefen is working on 'connecting' the L's

Notice the purple on her mouth.... she puts everything in her mouth, I mean EVERYTHING!

Coloring what begins with Ll

Silly girl

Sensory play: Spelling with sea salt

Homemade play dough {it's supposed to be orange}.

mama: "no Gef, do not eat the play dough"

Gefen: "kiddni mama"

Sydney's turn

Making an autumn scene

Color matching leaves with pom poms

Outside play time with Ezra and Shai. Ezra and Shai had been making a fort. Ezra is explaining how the fort "works"

Inside creative play time. They are playing "Little House On The Prairie". Sydney is "Ma" and Gefen is "Lawla"

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Michelle said...

How was Josh's trip?! I've got to look through your blog to see if you've posted about it. I don't get your feeds on my phone (boo hoo). So I'm at the library catching up a little!

As always, I LOVE your beautiful posts! You are great at capturing all the little details, as well as the big picture. Happy to see you plugging along with tot school while you get ready for your new blessing. You are amazing! ♥