Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tot School With Sydney & Gefen {Letter Qq is for Queen}

Catching up post....

February 2014

Letter of the week Qq

Sydney 4 years & Gefen 2 years 7 months
(Ezra 5yr. & Shai 7yr also joined in on the fun)

This week we spent a lot of time outside. The weather was beautiful during this week.  We used tot- school print outs, and had a lot of fun making our own castle!

Matching /sorting egg yolks

This is also the week we made a giant Sequoia tree

Craft time 
The kids made hand print hearts & also 'free' paint play

More outdoor fun 
Preparing our garden soil for planting!

More outdoor fun!

Since the letter if the week was Q {for queen} and queens live in castles, we made a cardboard castle! The kids played with the castle for days!

Shai and Ezra were so cute. They had an inside joke between the two of them and had the giggles as they played together.

Shai and Ezra both lost teeth on the same day. In these photos, Shai is trying to make Ezra get his photo taken.

Dress up time! Queen Sydney.

The kids worked on knights preschool pack from Homeschool Creations,  to go along with our "royal theme"

You can see more from our "home" Tot-schooling
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Michelle said...

Enjoying all of your catch up posts! So happy you are able to enjoy so much time outside. I'm so looking forward to it now that it is warming up a little here.

That cardboard castle is really cute! Looks like a lot of fun - right down to the toilet paper roll trees. Lovely Queen, too!